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#GoBeKind: Sparking A Contagious Chain Reaction Of Kindness

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015
trivago is pairing up with global adventurer, motivational speaker & philanthropist Leon Logothetis on his journey across America and helping him spark a contagious chain reaction of acts of kindness starting with unsuspecting good Samaritans.


Leon motorbike Kindness Diaries

Leon Logothetis was stuck leading an uninspiring life as a broker in London till he decided to choose a life of adventure over the stagnant comforts of a mundane existence. After traveling to over 90 countries, Leon determined it was time to give back, after having experienced first-hand what the kindness of strangers can bring. Now the author of two books, Leon has traveled across America, funded purely by the kindness of strangers who took him into their homes and hearts.

tony and leon
Now he is making the journey once again as part of the #GoBeKind initiative, but this time surprising those willing to offer up their help with a $1000 voucher to spend treating themselves or someone else to a well-deserved break.

dancing village

Sparking laughter and uplifting spirits while dancing with locals in India.

Video Channel

New York | Chicago | St. Louis | Denver | Las Vegas | Los Angeles | Recap

Week 7: Recap of #GoBeKind

“If one person helps six, and those six do the same, the math of kindness becomes unstoppable” 





Week 6: Los Angeles | Meet Trevor

You’ve just got to be more tolerant of everybody, and the world would be a better place.” 



#GoBeKindOn his recent stop in Los Angeles, Leon encountered a man who caught his attention due to his formidable white beard, but it was Trevor’s story that really twisted Leon’s heart. Trevor was misdiagnosed 21 years ago with inoperable cancer and given six months to live- until the intervention of a male nurse caught a mistake in the cancer diagnosis. Turned out that Trevor had a very treatable cancer with a strong chance of survival. Effectively that nurse saved his life. The nurse’s story was a great deal sadder–thrown out of the house at age 15 for being gay, not even the loving support of his partner of 30 years nor that of Trevor and his wife could stop him from drinking. Having passed away,  Trevor found it difficult to carry on the thought of not having been able to give back to the nurse what he had done for Trevor. Trevor shared though that he will be traveling to Bali soon, a beloved vacation destination of the nurse and his partner, to scatter the nurse’s ashes in the place he loved best. After such a touching story was shared, Leon decided to pass onto Trevor some money for him to use however he wishes.

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unsplash #GoBeKind


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Week 5: Las Vegas | Meet T

I know what it feels like to not have anything- so, if I have it, I give it.”



#GoBeKind Las VegasLas Vegas isn’t just about rolling dices and bright lights—on the latest leg of Leon’s journey, he encountered T on the streets of Sin City. T had a hard time while she was in school after her identifying as lesbian led to a lack of friends and feelings of loneliness and depression. Now she is a happy mom and wife who believes that kindness means loving and helping people out when they need it. Las Vegas has a large homeless population and T, understanding what it feels like to not have much, gives whatever she can. When Leon rewarded her big heart by presenting her with $1000, her delight was spurned by the fact she can now help her grandmother, whose house burned down recently. T will now be able to get her grandmother whatever she may need, effectively paying it forward with her own motion of #GoBeKind.

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Las Vegas


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Week 4: Denver | Meet James

“Everything I do is for him”



A Personal Thank You From James 



gobekind denver single father

With a reputation as being one of the friendliest places in America, James came to Denver from New York City seeking a peaceful life for him and his son. He arrived only a few days ago before Leon spoke with him, armed with a job but unfortunately temporarily homeless as his housing had fallen through. James is willing however, to make anything happen that needs to happen within the next month so that they can begin their new life.

He is fueled by his strong love for his son, as well as a belief in prayer and meditation and a hope that this experience will allow him the opportunity to pay it forward somewhere in the future. Leon decided to reward this devoted single father with a chance—$1000 and 7 nights in a hotel until he figures out how he and his son can move forward with the peaceful Denver life they seek.

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Denver Go Be Kind


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Week 3: St. Louis | Meet Janet 

“Inside every adult is the child they once were”




There is kindness to be found in the city of St. Louis. Janet, who works in an early childhood setting, experienced kindness by way of her grandfather when she was a child. She believes that all children want is to be loved and to have someone who is happy that you’re there, which remains true even after you grow up. The joy of working with kids is sometimes one of the only things that gets her up and going. Janet believes that she has to work hard and try the best she  can—which she does by bestowing love and kindness to the kids she adores by trying to be the kind of teacher to them that she always wanted to have. Imagine her joy at receiving $1000 to treat herself to a well-deserved break. “I’ve been asking God for some signs, to help me. Thank you

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St Louis

Week 2: Chicago | Meet Daniel 

“Be thankful for the little things you have today because tomorrow?”



Chicago (Daniel & Leon) (3)

In the heart of Chicago, Daniel might not own much beside his beautiful sign and the smiles he hands out to passersby who rarely notice his existence. He might be hurt by those who don’t notice it but it has in no way affected his positivity or his uncanny ability to hand out compliments which touched Leon. Following an injury at work, Daniel was prescribed narcotics which spiraled into a full-blown painkiller addiction. While he’s been clean for four months, he still sleeps outside, watched over by workers he has befriended who keep him safe. More than anything, he misses his family who got pushed away by his problems with drugs. For the Chicago chapter of #GoBeKind, Leon decided to award this affable young man who needs an opportunity $1000 to help him get back on his feet and reconnect with his family.

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Update: We received word from Leon that Daniel has managed to connect with his mum using the money he received!

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Week 1: New York City | Meet Ed  

“I was thinking, Is it real? I had to look up Leon when I got home.”



GoBeKindThere are 8.4 million people in New York City. The chances that Leon would happen upon Ed Plumacher, who was running a bit behind schedule on his way to work, are slim. Ed is a legally blind New Yorker who runs AccessQuest, a not-for-profit charity organization that helps people with vision disabilities adjust and acclimate to their new life. Ed and Leon bonded over their common goal of giving back to others who need it. With the $1000 Leon and trivago gave him, Ed is going to use the money to help him buy the necessary equipment to start up a podcast aimed at providing insight and education for the blind. Such a venture in an accessible format will provide a great impact on the blind community. Ed will use the rest to take a well-deserved ski vacation with his family in a location that has blind skiing programs.

Learn more about Ed’s non-profit & how you can get involved. 


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new york


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How Can You Get Involved?

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#GoBeKind Sparks

Wednesday, October 14th | Give a coffee.

Share a coffee with the stranger standing behind you in line at your local coffee shop. Why not be the person who starts a chain reaction of kindness in your neighborhood?
Take a photo & share it on twitter with #GoBeKind.

community gobekind

Monday, October 20th  | Show your appreciation. 

typewriter go be kind

Help a friend, co-worker or even a stranger get over their Monday Blues with an inspirational ‘sweet nothing’. Show your gratitude with a little note of appreciation.
Take a photo & share it on twitter with #GoBeKind.

The Kindness Diaries | The Book Tour

Follow Leon’s Journey across the United States of America 


City List

New York City | September 29th

Chicago | October 5th

St. Louis | October 10

Denver | October 13th

Las Vegas | October 19th

Los Angeles | October 21st


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  • Amia says:

    God bless you!!!!!! for doing kindness! I doff my hat on you!

  • Christy says:

    So heart warming….thank you so much for sharing these awesome stories. I wish all people could be more caring. Just a smile, a kind word or even a hug helps out a lot more than you realize. Make someone’s day by just being kind!

    • Natalia Kvitek says:

      Hi Christy! Couldn’t agree with you more. It’s touching to see how much kindness has come from all of this!

  • Courtney Upton says:

    I consider myself a strong, well balanced 42 yr. old male and this really touched me. How can I get involved? I love seeing joy on other’s faces, especially if they’ve been through the ringer, metaphorically. Life can be hard and it’s these acts of kindness that can make our world a better place. Like another user posted, just speaking or even giving a smile or a nod to someone who may not be doing all that well can go a long way. We have no idea what that person(s) has been through. Human compassion is what we need more of. I want to spread human compassion in a bigger way!!! #humancompassion

    • Natalia Kvitek says:

      We couldn’t agree more Courtney! Getting involved in #GoBeKind can be as small as buying someone a cup of coffee who looks like they could need it or volunteering locally for a cause you care about. Love your enthusiasm for this initiative!

  • claudine says:

    To the kind God will show himself kind, may God shower you with his kindness for such a beautiful unique project you have started that makes a whole lot of difference in people’s lives!!! be blessed

  • emily says:

    Wonderful! Wonderful! Truly wonderful! You can turn around someone’s day or entire life with one small act of kindness. A nice word. A helping hand. Spread the love xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • robert ramos says:

      bless you. all for all that you do if god as bless you he did not give to you to kept it all to yourself he want to bless someone else that is the right thing to do.

  • Miki says:

    Thank you for this!

  • Dan C. says:

    I met a guy named Jordan who was homeless living on the streets sleeping in front of my work. I asked him if he’d like a cup of hot coffee to warm up. He said coffee upset his stomach but said thank you. I said how about a hot cup of tea a honey? He said alright and we talked for 1/2 hour. The a few days later he was back I gave him some tea again and some Kind bars & a tooth brush and some other things to get through the day. I asked him I he would mind if I could bring him some clothes since I just moved into a new home and was cleaning out my closet. He said all he really needed was a beanie & I replied how ironic it was I just came across one in my cleaning. I have asked other employees about size clothes and if they could bring a few items for Jordan. Today he will be surprised! Funny how I just came across this article today, Life is good…

  • Tracy says:

    Acts of kindness should always be paid forward. Every person who is genuinely blessing others without an expectation of anything in return will be blessed by God. God sees all and this is an example of doing ‘his work’. I just wanted to throw an idea out there. There are a LOT of single mothers struggling to pay for legal services to help ensure the safety of their children. Abuse is overlooked by judges in many states because the focus is on the legal specifications tied to family law. I save up constantly in anticipation of court hearings where I may need an attorney and have spent an average of $15000 per year for the past 3 years to get through the issues I have had to face with unnecessary motions and hearings for false charges motioned in the courts. The emotional and psychological trauma has resulted in thousands of dollars of therapy for my minor child and myself and now I have medical bills I can’t afford to pay. We have medical insurance through my employer(THANK GOD for my job) but I haven’t gone to the doctor in a year and my son in 6 months because I can’t afford the copays, etc. CAN someone check into the possibility of people offering their ‘professional services’ to those in need in a similar fashion???? Unfortunately the legal aide in the states look at income and disqualify a lot of us single parents without knowing the extent of our debt and financial responsibilities. Thanks to anyone who listens.

  • Cassandra McLean says:

    Thank You, It’s 8.30 am and your Video has me Weeping from my Heart. This is Great…..
    Kindness, Empathy and Compassion.
    Truly our Human Gift

  • Nancy says:

    I still harbor the thought that most people Do Care about their fellow man and for the few out there who could care less, I say they don;t count and neither does their Lack of Empathy for others.. Because those with HOPE Do Care… .” We Out Number You.”
    God said, ? ” Whatever You do to the Least of these – You Do Unto me…”
    I Believe that with ALL MY HEART,..

  • Jean Draxler says:

    Thank you for helping to make our beautiful world an even better place with kindness and compassion……

  • Damon says:

    I’m inspired… How can I help spread kindness

  • Elaine Morrison says:

    Thank you for all that you do…I am so passionate about giving back and would like to connect with James in Denver… I am a single mother who relate on so many levels. Aside from this my son and I reside north of Denver CO… I’m offering childcare for James’ son in addition to housing resources and an invitation to our community The Refuge in Broomfield ( my number is (720) 507-5643 Peace & Blessings (community advocate for affordable housing in Denver Metro, residential mortgage analyst, dress for success women empowering women entering professional careers, proud mother of an honor student, rising musician, Jefferson County Spelling Bee…)

  • I’m Dwight from the Kindness Diaries. I just wanted to say hello to all those kind souls out there spreading cheer & changing lives.

    However, I’ll be saving a life by paying it forward. Leon did give me the opportunity to travel & I want you all to know I’m grateful to Leon for his generous gift.

    Now, I’ll be doing some important by donating a kidney to my older brother next month. He was diagnosed with cancer last fall. I didn’t know about it. Had I not return home my mother would’ve been the donor.

    My mother has some years left, but I’m the strong, independent sheep of my family. I decided to PAY IT FORWARD! I want to help save my older brother’s life.

    He still has much to live for. Hopefully, after the surgery, everything’s will go well for him. I’ll still be living, breathing, and reflecting my dreams as a Buddhist, Writer, Karate man, Psychologist (Reflexiologist), Yogi, and Traveler.

    Thank you Leon, Thank you for not being full of S#$T like most people. I hope I can join you on a travel in the future my friend.

    Below are my address, in case, any of you want to know of my brother’s progress. I will post photos of my hospital one-night stay & recovery.

    This one is for you Buddha, for you Leon, and for the spirit of Karate (空手道). I understand my life and the power I contain. There are no excuses. No need to procrastinate. Either do it or walk away. I’m all in.

    The spirit of the traveler (旅人) lives on……

    Thank you for reading & keep spreading the love Leon……….Peace!
    My Facebook:

    Old Reflexivity site:

    My twitter: ryuchairo (竜茶色)

  • Sherrie B says:

    I was putting up a go fun me page. As I myself am about to lose my home. However I came across this as I was looking at others terrible circumstances feeling selfish. I know now that what ever happens and if me and my rescues end up on the street for a little we will be ok. Maybe its what is supposed to happen, And you sir are a truly amazing person I am sure the universe is shining on you now. I know in my heart I will be back soon enough.. I was in tears again selfish about my situation til I saw others who have made it. I can too. And I hope to help you very soon in your mission.May you all be blessed and happy. Thank you for giving me hope.